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Simon Frost is a two-time Magento certified Senior Backend Magento Engineer and a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. He started building websites in the days of <font> tags, when Netscape Navigator was still a thing. He has over a decades' worth of experience working with PHP, six of them working with Magento.

He currently builds Magento 2 websites, integrations and developer tools at Magium Commerce, a dedicated UK-based Magento agency, and presents frequent talks at his local Magento York Meetup.

He lives in York with his chocolate collection and runs marathons to relax.

Through the Looking Glass: Adventures In Asynchronous PHP Land

In this talk, I'll discuss how to apply asynchronous programming techniques to solve common problems in Magento.

After a quick introduction to the basics of asynchronous programming, I'll show you how frameworks like ReactPHP and AmPHP can take PHP beyond the traditional 'run the script, execute some code and die' paradigm and demonstrate some novel and unique ways that asynchronous programming can be used in your Magento store.

Finally I'll conclude with a real-world example of how I used these techniques in a Magento 2 project to improve the performance of an API integration responsible for importing two million custom prices every day!

Asynchronous programming will change the way you think about developing applications and make you look at PHP again through fresh eyes.

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