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  1. Brent W Peterson

    Chief Magento Evangelist



    Brent es el Jefe Evangelista de Magento, Coach de la Agencia Wagento, Especialista Certificado en Magento, un Magento Master y el anfitrión en esta edición de Mage Titans CDMX. Ha estado involucrado en la comunidad y en los foros de Magento desde principios de 2009. Le apasiona correr, andar en bicicleta y esquiar, en ese orden. Se le encuentra a menudo en los eventos de Magento organizando reuniones con su esposa, Susan.

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  2. David Depner - CEO / Founder of Psyberware - @DavidDeppner

    CEO / Founder of Psyberware


    Real World Google Shopping Feeds: How Data Quality Improves Profits

    Nearly every Magento site has a Google shopping feed. Frequently, developers and digital marketers only do the minimum to get most of their products approved for shopping ads. Even then many products are rejected for policy violations and data quality issues. In this presentation we will discuss common reasons for product disapprovals and how to fix them. We will cover the differences between the Magento data architecture and how Google views product data, and discuss how to resolve these issues. We will also go beyond just getting products approved, and discuss how to enrich the data feed to drive better matches, reducing advertising cost and driving increased profits for Magento merchants.

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  3. Laura Trejo - Software Engineer - @laura.trea

    Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach, Wagento


    Varnish. Cache and geolocalization for my store.

    I will address several question I once had about Vanish and share my experience with implementation. What the heck is Varnish and how it can help? Features for Magento stores. Should you use a local implementation o pay an external service? How does it looks in my architecture?

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  4. Igor Melnykov - Software Engineer - @igor_melnikov

    Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach, Wagento


    Page Builder for Extension Developers

    Content creation without Page Builder

    Video of what Page Builder can do

    High level Page Builder architecture diagram, overview of main parts

    Page Builder storage format

    Page Builder data flow diagram

    Page Builder configuration

    Groups configuration

    Content types configuration

    Different type of converters

    Overview of Page Builder extension points

    Adding new content type

    Extending existing content type

    Adding new appearance

    Data migration from BlueFoot to PageBuilder

    Best practices in extending Page Builder

    Overview of sample extensions

    Page Builder and PWA

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  5. Daniel Vasquez - Product Owner - @danybgoode

    Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach, Wagento


    From Pain to Gain

    Presentación de estrategias y áreas puntuales de crecimiento para organizaciones buscando cambiar sus prestaciones de servicios hacia una cultura de colaboración, crecimiento y creación de valor.

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