More about Soumya

Soumya Ashok joined Magento as a User Experience Designer about a year and a half ago, bringing a deep commitment to representing users and designing the best experience for them. She loves the challenges and intersections of people, products and problem-solving. She believes that good experiences are the foundation of product loyalty. The powerful Magento platform, and its amazing community of users, provide a constant and inspiring journey of discovery to unearth issues and evolve interactions. Soumya's background in engineering and design give her work a nuanced, unique perspective and her determination to understand the product and users has helped her build and implement effective user research strategy on numerous product areas. Through her research and designs, she seeks to have a significant impact on the enhancement of the Magento experience.

Transforming the E-commerce experience with Progressive Web Apps

Setting new standards for developer and shopper experiences go hand-in-hand with challenges, exciting discoveries and a need to consistently refine and revise strategy for the needs of a diverse user base. The Magento User Experience team is just scratching the surface of how we can enable our rich community to be part of the new digital paradigm of development and storefront experiences. This talk shares our journey of discovery on Progressive Web Apps at Magento.

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