Who Will Come to a Mage Titans Event

Mage Titans Austin, Mage Titans Manchester, and Mage Titans Groningen are approaching, and these events are a great opportunity for anyone involved in launching a Magento site to learn from and collaborate with key stakeholders that make major decisions for their clients and their own e-Commerce companies. While this conference is one of the largest developer conferences in the world, it has plenty to offer anyone who works within the world of e-Commerce, from analysts and designers to merchants and specialists. No matter what role you play in the development of websites on Magento, you have something to gain from attending Mage Titans this year. Because there are a variety of attendees that work with Magento in different ways, this conference is a great way for sponsors to help the community while spreading the word about their company.

If you are curious about Mage Titans and which members of the Magento community are most likely to be present, rest assured that there will be more than just merchants. In fact, the majority of attendees tend to be developers and Magento professionals.

About Mage Titans

Mage Titans draws a diverse crowd within, and even outside of, the Magento community because it provides unmatched opportunities for learning and growth to its attendees. Those who attend Mage Titans will hear from dynamic speakers who are leaders in the Magento community. These speakers will present information that will help anyone who works using an e-Commerce platform, and attendees will be able to take away information that they can use to help their clients. Breakout sessions and workshops will help the audience develop and practice new skills, solutions, and tools that can help them launch an effective e-Commerce website on Magento. People who attend Mage Titans will also have the opportunity to attend or present during Mage Demo, and learn about new developments and innovations regarding Magento or e-Commerce as a whole.

At Mage Titans, people will be able to connect with other like minded people who can push them to become better developers, analysts, and designers through collaboration and idea sharing. This conference provides several chances for attendees to connect with and learn from one another. They will also be able to ask questions and hear from the Mage core team and gain insight into the future of Magento. Because Mage Titans offers such a wide scope of learning and networking opportunities, there will be more than just merchants at the event.


The breakdown of attendees tends to be varied. While about 20% of the attendees will be merchants, sponsors should know that this large event attracts people who are otherwise involved in e-Commerce as well. If you go to Mage Titans, you can expect for 10% of the people in attendance to be independent developers and 40% to be developers that are attached to merchants. This conference will also have a host of Magento professionals. About 30% of the attendees will be business development representatives, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers, and solution specialists, among other positions. These people work with a variety of clients, and sponsoring Mage Titans can help you make connections and successfully advertise your company.

If you are interested in sponsoring Mage Titans, not only will you be helping these individuals grow professionally, but your company will be represented in front of people who make important decisions for their clients. Different packages are available for sponsors allowing you to share your logo and be involved in social media announcements that these developers and professionals will see. Mage Titans will have a variety of attendees who can help bring business to your company.