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And the VIP Winner Is…

Meet Tarandeep Singh Kharbanda our 2018 Mage Titans VIP ticket winner!

Tarandeep Singh VIP Winner

With 10+ years of experience in developing, managing and delivering Magento/ eCommerce projects, Tarandeep currently works as an Application Architect at Rave Infosys Inc.

He is a happily married father of a 4 year old girl. His favorite activities include spending time with his daughter and exploring the eCommerce world. He describes himself as always open for new challenges.

Tarandeep looks forward to learning more about Magento 2.3. He would love to meet the Wagento team and personally say “thank you”. He would also like to meet with Ben Marks, Sherrie Rohde and TJ Gamble.

VIP Winner!!!

Paragi Bhavsar

Meet Paragi Bhavsar our 2017 Mage Titans VIP ticket!

Read Paragi's bio and follow her on twitter @iamparagi

"A vivid Magento developer from India having over 5 years of experience. Recently relocated to Africa in wild world. Opportunistic and anticipating Magento e-commerce industry in Africa. Heading towards to be the part of most novel e-commerce project of Africa. Happily married, Fun lover, a passionate cook and idea-tor of novel e-business."

'When I won the golden ticket!'

Recently we caught up with our lucky competition winner

Hi, i'm Daniel Cuevas. I'm a senior Magento developer working for Pinpoint, a UK based company. I was the proud winner of the Mage Titans USA VIP ticket competition, which included return flight tickets, accommodation in downtown Austin and a ticket to the conference! I was so happy to win the competition that I could almost not believe it.

I was very excited to attend my first Mage Titans conference, which was also its first entry in the US. The talks I was most excited about were the Magento 2 performance and deployment talks, but I also wanted to see Ben Mark's talk and the Magento master's ones.

I enjoyed the conference a lot, and it exceeded all my expectations. One of the best talks in the conference was the one given by Gabriel Guarino, which was titled ‘Magento 2 for Magento 1 developers: The journey of mastering Magento 2’. The talk presented a great introduction to M2 for M1 developers, with a very in depth explanation of the main differences between the two and how to tackle them.

Another very interesting talk was ‘Designing the B2B experience’ by Brendan Falkowski. He explained some of the considerations when designing a solution for B2B customers, in contrast to B2C solutions.

The talk on ‘Building better browser tests’ given by Kevin Schroeder was also really valuable. Kevin presented a selenium based testing framework for automating browser tests in Magento, which looked very promising.

There was also a very inspiring panel discussion with the Magento masters which covered how to get involved in the Magento community. One of the main points mentioned was that a lot of help is needed for improving the documentation and we could contribute to this.

The after party was pretty good too. We had some really tasty burgers and an amazing open bar all night!

The morning after the party we took part in a workshop session, which offered an amazing opportunity to discuss very technical issues with other developers in a friendly and informal environment. There were some very interesting topics discussed during the workshop, such as theming, knockoutJS, deployment, performance and testing. And to top it off, there was pizza, drinks and donuts!

I highly recommend Mage Titans to other Magento developers. I've been to other Magento conferences, but I really liked this one - it’s more focused on developers and all the technical stuff we love. Austin is also a lovely city and cool place to visit, so I'll be looking forward to the next entry of this conference.


Thank you to everyone who’s entered our 3 tickets giveaway competition!

Because were so amazing we've decided to give away 3x tickets to 3 lucky winners!

We are pleased to announce that the winners are:

1. Ryan Street @ryanstreet

2. Rob Tull @robtull

3. Laura Folco @lfolco


Winners - can you please confirm the following and send to usa@magetitans.com before 25th August 2016. 1.Your full name and email 2. Your friend's full names and emails See you there, Titans!