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Connect, Collaborate and CONTRIBUTE

Aside from contributing to our ever growing Magento community, Titans also believe in contributing to their local community by being charitable.

Mage Titans is a not for profit event, and any profits made over the cost of the event is given back to a specially chosen charity. Mage Titans USA was no exception, and event partners Shipper HQ helped choose the perfect charity for the conference happening in Austin, Texas.

As a local charity with such a great mission, SAFE Austin was certainly well deserving of our help. The charity’s mission is to lead in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse and domestic violence through prevention, intervention and advocacy for change. SAFE Austin provides a shelter and on-campus services for children, young adults and families affected by abuse and neglect.

In total we raised over $2.5k plus physical donations!

Thank you to all our attendees who bought a ticket for Mage Titans, and also for your donations which included everyday necessities such as diapers, shower gel and anti-perspirant - they were all very well received.

We would also like to give another thank you to the legend that is Vinai Kopp, as a real ambassador of Mage Titans and the charitable work that we do, Vinai also kindly donated his speaker fee from NomadMage!


Vinai Kopp donates to SAFE Austin

Vinai Kopp, has been a supporter of Mage Titans since the beginning.

He's a Magento Master, a passionate Web Developer and has been an open source enthusiast since 1998.

Unfortunately, he can't make it to #MageTitansUSA (major sad face!) but he has very generously offered to donate his speaker fee from NomadMage to our chosen charity, SAFE Austin

Buy your ticket now!

Vinai hopes that this encourages others to also get involved by attending Mage Titans USA and kindly donating.

About Vinai

Since March of 2008 he has specialised on the Magento platform, which at the time was still in its beta stages. Between working as a freelancer and collaborating in larger, corporate teams, he has been able to gather valuable experience from a wide-range of projects. This priceless experience motivated Vinai to move into training developers, particularly on how to effectively customize Magento.

Since then he has spent thousands of hours, training an array of developers and teams, in all aspects of the Magento platform, across the World. Topics range from extension development, using Git with Magento, performance tuning, and automated testing. In the past, Vinai has worked as a full-time Magento U instructor. He is a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board and was one of the first to pass the MCD+ exam. Vinai is co-author of the German ‘Magento Developer Handbook’ published by O’Reilly in 2010 and co-author of ‘Grokking Magento’ along with Ben Marks.

Proudly supporting SAFE Austin

Mage Titans is an event run by the Magento community, for the Magento community, but why not expand this community by giving to others? Any profits we make over the cost of the event is given back to our chosen charity, SAFE Austin.

Make a donation

Usually our chosen event charities opt for monetary donations, however SAFE Austin have asked for something a little more heartfelt than that. SAFE Austin will be gearing up for their Fall Meal Drive in September, so if you wanted to donate non-perishable food items to go toward this, please bring them along to Mage Titans USA - it would be much appreciated! Suggestions on what items you can donate here.

We also understand many of you will be travelling so why not donate some basic toiletries to add to their welcome kits for new survivors coming to stay in their emergency shelter? Travel size options are perfect for these kits. Or perhaps pick something up from a grocery store close to the event?

Nearby grocery stores -

Royal Blue Grocery - 609 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Whole Foods Market - 525 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

Trader Joe's- 211 Walter Seaholm Dr #100, Austin, TX 78701

About SAFE Austin

The SAFE Alliance is a structured partnership between SafePlace and Austin Children’s Shelter, two organizations that serve the survivors of child abuse and neglect, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.

The charities mission: To lead in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse and domestic violence through prevention, intervention and advocacy for change.

Their vision: A just and safe community free from violence and abuse.

Their story: In early 2011, faced with decreasing government funding, an uncertain climate for philanthropy, and shifting state priorities and processes, the leadership of SafePlace and Austin Children’s Shelter began talking about the risks, opportunities and benefits of forming an alliance. At the same time, long-term research studies were proving what we knew from decades of working with survivors: domestic violence and child abuse often happen in the same families and are highly associated with the same risk factors (Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse). The two agencies spent the next year investigating the implications of an alliance to their programs, budgets, bylaws, licenses and existing agreements. In 2012, SAFE | Stop Abuse for Everyone applied for independent 501(c)(3) status, and in January 2013 began to provide coordinated planning, HR, finance, operations, development, and other administrative functions to both organizations. Long-term research studies have shown us the connection between child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Working together, we are developing programs and systems with the purpose to end abuse, through community partnerships, education, training, and advocacy. Our first project together was the expansion of the George M. Kozmetsky Charter School. Located on the SafePlace campus, the school serves children in grades K-8 staying in the Kelly White Emergency Shelter or supportive housing with their custodial parent. In September 2012, the school expanded to K-12 and welcomed the students from Austin Children’s Shelter. With teachers who receive ongoing training in working with survivors of trauma, the school offers the children and teens in our care a supportive environment and an individualized course of study.