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VIP Winner!!!

Paragi Bhavsar

Meet Paragi Bhavsar our 2017 Mage Titans VIP ticket!

Read Paragi's bio and follow her on twitter @iamparagi

"A vivid Magento developer from India having over 5 years of experience. Recently relocated to Africa in wild world. Opportunistic and anticipating Magento e-commerce industry in Africa. Heading towards to be the part of most novel e-commerce project of Africa. Happily married, Fun lover, a passionate cook and idea-tor of novel e-business."

Connect, Collaborate and CONTRIBUTE

Aside from contributing to our ever growing Magento community, Titans also believe in contributing to their local community by being charitable.

Mage Titans is a not for profit event, and any profits made over the cost of the event is given back to a specially chosen charity. Mage Titans USA was no exception, and event partners Shipper HQ helped choose the perfect charity for the conference happening in Austin, Texas.

As a local charity with such a great mission, SAFE Austin was certainly well deserving of our help. The charity’s mission is to lead in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse and domestic violence through prevention, intervention and advocacy for change. SAFE Austin provides a shelter and on-campus services for children, young adults and families affected by abuse and neglect.

In total we raised over $2.5k plus physical donations!

Thank you to all our attendees who bought a ticket for Mage Titans, and also for your donations which included everyday necessities such as diapers, shower gel and anti-perspirant - they were all very well received.

We would also like to give another thank you to the legend that is Vinai Kopp, as a real ambassador of Mage Titans and the charitable work that we do, Vinai also kindly donated his speaker fee from NomadMage!



Thank you to everyone who’s entered our 3 tickets giveaway competition!

Because were so amazing we've decided to give away 3x tickets to 3 lucky winners!

We are pleased to announce that the winners are:

1. Ryan Street @ryanstreet

2. Rob Tull @robtull

3. Laura Folco @lfolco


Winners - can you please confirm the following and send to usa@magetitans.com before 25th August 2016. 1.Your full name and email 2. Your friend's full names and emails See you there, Titans!