5 Reasons to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Mage Titans

Mage Titans is a large professional conference put on by members of the Magento community. This conference offers unparalleled professional development opportunities for Magento users, and the information and experiences shared during Mage Titans are invaluable. If you are involved with designing, implementing, or using websites on Magento in any way, or if you are otherwise affiliated with the field of e-Commerce, Mage Titans cannot be missed.

Here are five reasons you can use to convince your boss to send you to Mage Titans this year:

1. Professional Development

Mage Titans offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth. By attending Mage Titans, you will have access to workshops and break out sessions that will help you develop and strengthen your skills. You can learn from experts in the Magento community and use that information to improve your skill set. These workshops will be interactive, and you can practice the new skills you learn while working with other professionals, designers, and analysts. Research the different sessions that will be available at the conference and prepare a list for your boss that will show exactly what topics you will focus on during Mage Titans. Your employer knows how valuable it is to have employees who are invested in their own growth, and these opportunities for professional development might convince your boss to fund your trip.

2. Company Growth

Mage Titans will have hundreds of professionals and other members of the Magento community in attendance. There will be several chances for you to work with others during the conference. Collaboration with other people who share your interests will give you ideas of how to complete your work more efficiently and effectively. Mage Titans provides the chance for you to learn from others and see what aspects of their work you can use to improve various aspects of your company. Let your boss know that Mage Titans will allow you to collaborate with and learn from others who work in the same business, and that you will be able to take the information you learn and use it to help the company.

3. Increase in Client Satisfaction

In addition to aiding your company’s growth, Mage Titans will help you increase customer satisfaction. Speakers will present information about tech solutions and other ways you can take your work with Magento to the next level. This will translate to better customer service. Learn to address the different issues you faced previously, and use this knowledge to serve your clients. Make sure your boss knows that Mage Titans will teach you different ways to suit a client’s needs, which will significantly help your company.

4. Stay on the Cutting-Edge

Mage Titans is the best place to learn about and stay abreast of new developments with Magento and e-Commerce. Get an early look at new features that Magento plans to roll out and use this information to make sure your company is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. Mage Demos are a great way to see different, original ideas from other professionals and bright minds from Magento. Show your boss how the company can prepare for and take advantage of new features to better serve its clients.

5. Partnerships and Networking

Mage Titans will allow you to build connections with other people in your field of work. These networking opportunities are priceless and they will help you grow as an individual. The connections you make can also help your company grow and expand. Mage Titans Austin will have members of the Magento Core team available so you can speak with them and ask them questions. You will be able to rub shoulders with other experts and leaders from Magento, as well. Mage Titans will allow you to learn from the best and build relationships with other Magento users that will prove helpful in the future.