5 Reasons to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Mage Titans

Mage Titans is a large professional conference put on by members of the Magento community. This conference offers unparalleled professional development opportunities for Magento users, and the information and experiences shared during Mage Titans are invaluable. If you are involved with designing, implementing, or using websites on Magento in any way, or if you are otherwise affiliated with the field of e-Commerce, Mage Titans cannot be missed.

Here are five reasons you can use to convince your boss to send you to Mage Titans this year:

1. Professional Development

Mage Titans offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth. By attending Mage Titans, you will have access to workshops and break out sessions that will help you develop and strengthen your skills. You can learn from experts in the Magento community and use that information to improve your skill set. These workshops will be interactive, and you can practice the new skills you learn while working with other professionals, designers, and analysts. Research the different sessions that will be available at the conference and prepare a list for your boss that will show exactly what topics you will focus on during Mage Titans. Your employer knows how valuable it is to have employees who are invested in their own growth, and these opportunities for professional development might convince your boss to fund your trip.

2. Company Growth

Mage Titans will have hundreds of professionals and other members of the Magento community in attendance. There will be several chances for you to work with others during the conference. Collaboration with other people who share your interests will give you ideas of how to complete your work more efficiently and effectively. Mage Titans provides the chance for you to learn from others and see what aspects of their work you can use to improve various aspects of your company. Let your boss know that Mage Titans will allow you to collaborate with and learn from others who work in the same business, and that you will be able to take the information you learn and use it to help the company.

3. Increase in Client Satisfaction

In addition to aiding your company’s growth, Mage Titans will help you increase customer satisfaction. Speakers will present information about tech solutions and other ways you can take your work with Magento to the next level. This will translate to better customer service. Learn to address the different issues you faced previously, and use this knowledge to serve your clients. Make sure your boss knows that Mage Titans will teach you different ways to suit a client’s needs, which will significantly help your company.

4. Stay on the Cutting-Edge

Mage Titans is the best place to learn about and stay abreast of new developments with Magento and e-Commerce. Get an early look at new features that Magento plans to roll out and use this information to make sure your company is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. Mage Demos are a great way to see different, original ideas from other professionals and bright minds from Magento. Show your boss how the company can prepare for and take advantage of new features to better serve its clients.

5. Partnerships and Networking

Mage Titans will allow you to build connections with other people in your field of work. These networking opportunities are priceless and they will help you grow as an individual. The connections you make can also help your company grow and expand. Mage Titans Austin will have members of the Magento Core team available so you can speak with them and ask them questions. You will be able to rub shoulders with other experts and leaders from Magento, as well. Mage Titans will allow you to learn from the best and build relationships with other Magento users that will prove helpful in the future.

Who Will Come to a Mage Titans Event

Mage Titans Austin, Mage Titans Manchester, and Mage Titans Groningen are approaching, and these events are a great opportunity for anyone involved in launching a Magento site to learn from and collaborate with key stakeholders that make major decisions for their clients and their own e-Commerce companies. While this conference is one of the largest developer conferences in the world, it has plenty to offer anyone who works within the world of e-Commerce, from analysts and designers to merchants and specialists. No matter what role you play in the development of websites on Magento, you have something to gain from attending Mage Titans this year. Because there are a variety of attendees that work with Magento in different ways, this conference is a great way for sponsors to help the community while spreading the word about their company.

If you are curious about Mage Titans and which members of the Magento community are most likely to be present, rest assured that there will be more than just merchants. In fact, the majority of attendees tend to be developers and Magento professionals.

About Mage Titans

Mage Titans draws a diverse crowd within, and even outside of, the Magento community because it provides unmatched opportunities for learning and growth to its attendees. Those who attend Mage Titans will hear from dynamic speakers who are leaders in the Magento community. These speakers will present information that will help anyone who works using an e-Commerce platform, and attendees will be able to take away information that they can use to help their clients. Breakout sessions and workshops will help the audience develop and practice new skills, solutions, and tools that can help them launch an effective e-Commerce website on Magento. People who attend Mage Titans will also have the opportunity to attend or present during Mage Demo, and learn about new developments and innovations regarding Magento or e-Commerce as a whole.

At Mage Titans, people will be able to connect with other like minded people who can push them to become better developers, analysts, and designers through collaboration and idea sharing. This conference provides several chances for attendees to connect with and learn from one another. They will also be able to ask questions and hear from the Mage core team and gain insight into the future of Magento. Because Mage Titans offers such a wide scope of learning and networking opportunities, there will be more than just merchants at the event.


The breakdown of attendees tends to be varied. While about 20% of the attendees will be merchants, sponsors should know that this large event attracts people who are otherwise involved in e-Commerce as well. If you go to Mage Titans, you can expect for 10% of the people in attendance to be independent developers and 40% to be developers that are attached to merchants. This conference will also have a host of Magento professionals. About 30% of the attendees will be business development representatives, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers, and solution specialists, among other positions. These people work with a variety of clients, and sponsoring Mage Titans can help you make connections and successfully advertise your company.

If you are interested in sponsoring Mage Titans, not only will you be helping these individuals grow professionally, but your company will be represented in front of people who make important decisions for their clients. Different packages are available for sponsors allowing you to share your logo and be involved in social media announcements that these developers and professionals will see. Mage Titans will have a variety of attendees who can help bring business to your company.


VIP Winner!!!

Paragi Bhavsar

Meet Paragi Bhavsar our 2017 Mage Titans VIP ticket!

Read Paragi's bio and follow her on twitter @iamparagi

"A vivid Magento developer from India having over 5 years of experience. Recently relocated to Africa in wild world. Opportunistic and anticipating Magento e-commerce industry in Africa. Heading towards to be the part of most novel e-commerce project of Africa. Happily married, Fun lover, a passionate cook and idea-tor of novel e-business."

Speaker Interview - Alex Paliarush

Alex Paliarush

Interview with Alex Palriarush by Madeleine Peterson

Madeleine: What's your job/title/what do you do?

Alex: Magento 2 architect and team lead of 1 core team

Madeleine: Why did you want to get involved in Mage Titans/how did you hear of us?

Alex: From some people here at Magento

Madeleine:  What can we look forward to about your talk? Sneak peek?

Alex:  Tips on dev environment optimizations for developers working on Magento 2 projects to achieve higher productivity.

Madeleine: How many Magento events have you been to?

Alex: Imagine 2017

MadeleineWhere are you from?

Alex: Austin TX (originally from Ukraine)

Speaker Interview - Alan Kent

Alan Kent

Interview with Alan Kent by Madeleine Peterson

Madeleine: What's your job/title/what do you do?

Alan: I am the Magento Chief Architect, which means I oversee technical direction and integration of all the different Magento product lines.

Madeleine: Why did you want to get involved in Mage Titans?

Alan: I love catching up with the developer community in particular, get direct feedback from those using the product and to share where we are heading.

Madeleine: Who are you most excited to see/meet at Mage Titans TX?

Alan: Developers! There is no single person – they are all great. I would love to meet and hear the stories of as many different developers, big and small, as possible.

Madeleine: What can we look forward to the most about your speech?

Alan: Magento 2.2 has a number of improvements in deployment tooling. My talk is going to be most interesting to those responsible for deploying Magento from development to production.

Speaker Interview - Phillip Jackson

Phil Jackson "Learn As We Go" -  Interview with Phil Jackson by Madeleine Peterson

Madeleine: Who are you excited to see/meet at MT? 

Phil:  Excited to SEE Brent and Susan Peterson. See Rob Long again. Meet Matheus, I've only ever communicated with him via twitter and it will be cool to meet him.

Madeleine: Job title?

Phil: Ecommerce evangelist. Been in the e-commerce game for 18 years!

Madeleine:  What can we look forward to about your talk? Sneak peek?

Phil:  It’s important for us to learn from others experiences. We want practical experience from people who’ve experienced it. We need to talk about ‘soft skills’. Responding to uncontrollable events in a chill way. I will be talking about my experience of not being in the place he wanted to be but headed in the right direction.

Mage Titans Cocktail Party

You won’t want to miss this party...

The Mage Titans Thursday Cocktail Party hosted by ShipperHQ starts at 6PM on September 14th and will be held at Bungalow on Rainey Street. This event is open to all attendees, speakers and sponsors!

Mage Titans Bungalow

The address for Bungalow is 92 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701.

ShipperHQ has reserved an area outside the bar for us. Look for the Mage Titans banner.

Sponsored by: Sponsor ShipperHQ  

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Competition Rules

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Why BigCommerce Users Need to Attend Mage Titans

If you haven't noticed, Mage Titans is having its annual technical conference in Austin, Texas from Sept 14-16. Mage Titans is not just a great conference for Magento technical users, it is a great conference for any platform user and we will argue that it is even better for a BigCommerce tech to attend this conference. Magento is a great community full of developers, architects, sysadmin, UX people, TAMs and anyone who cares about commerce. The goal of any client is to sell something and we believe that the best ideas come from requests by those clients to push the boundaries of what is being done online. Why wouldn't you want to know what exciting things are happening on another platform?

4 reasons why BigCommerce people need to attend Mage Titans Austin.

1) You can connect with other technical people.

It is great to get to know people and Magento people are particularly nice and inclusive. Mage Titans lets you meet other folks in your same space (e-commerce) as well as some of the decision makers at Magento. You can also meet Magento partners and solution integrators. What you won't find are salespeople and recruiters!

2) Thinking outside the box.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what your platform can or can not do and you miss what others are doing on other platforms. Kind of like the Drive Through Window is now common across fast food. There are many things that Magento and BigCommerce have in common. We can all learn from each other. We have common things already like payments and shipping as well as PIM's. Isn't it exciting to talk to someone who is doing something on something different? Mage Titans is featuring the Mage Demo eventwhere you can win $500. At the time of this posting, we are still looking for more Mage Demo. Why not a BigCommerce Demo?

3) Serious amount of fun.

Conferences are always fun and technical conferences are particularly fun for technical people. You are not encumbered by marketing folks or salespeople, you are left to talk pure geek. Who knows, you may have new theories on Game of Thrones? Why not talk about this at Mage Titans. Like to run? Mage Titans is featuring the first annual Big(Lady)BirdRun. Yes, and many Magento devs code and run at the same time. How? Attend the event to find out.

4) It's in Austin Texas Well, the last time we checked, BigCommerce was also in Austin. Get your tickets today!

Why send developers to Mage Titans?

So you have an agency, why send your developers to Mage Titans?

    1. Exposure to other Magento developers
    2. Learning enviroment
    3. Cutting edge idea sharing
    4. Talk to Magento Core team
    5. Learn about new Magento features
    6. Magento Order Management team

Why wouldn't you? Let's break this down.

When your developers meet and are exposed to other Magento developers they will grow as developers. Developers like to talk about what is working for them and what is not and when they get together they talk about what is new and what is cutting edge. In the long term, this saves you (The agency principle) time and money. You get a 2for1 with the developer not only learning something new but also putting something new into practice that will help your business and your clients.

Mage Titans is the ultimate learning environment with talks, workshops, and breakouts. There is no time to get bored and there is plenty of time for learning and collaborating. It is also a time that developers can ask other developers in a safe environment what is working and what isn't working.

The newest ideas come out at Magento conferences and Mage Titans is THE LARGEST Magento developer conference in the western hemisphere. Sure Magento Imagine is larger but Imagine was 60% merchants and this is technical. NO RECRUITERS!

Did I mention that it's in Austin Texas? The Magento core team is located in Austin Texas and they will be at this event. This will be the only time that your team will be able to rub shoulders with the Magento core team on such an intimate basis. You will have time to ask questions and learn about new features.

Did I just say new features? The team that is launching Magento 2.2 will be at Mage Titans Austin. You can see all the newest features in Magento including the much anticipated Magento B2B. If that doesn't sound good enough, the Magento Order Managment team will be there from Barcelona. This will give you a chance to learn and ask about OMS. Magento order Management is not just about orders but it is also about Magento inventory aggregation. Super cool right? You have a chance to speak a little Spanish, a little Catalan, and talk Order management.

Finally, The Magento Community is KING! You can meet Ben Marks, you can meet Sherrie Rhode. You can meet Magento Masters. Best of all you can meet the Magento Core community team. This team is based in Austin Texas and will be at Mage Titans.

Please ask for a discount if you are sending more than 1 developers.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!